Have you ever wondered why makeup brushes come in so many different shapes and sizes? You can use one brush for several purposes but each brush has a specific reason and using technique. Here is how you can use some of the makeup brushes:

  • Foundation Brush

The foundation brush is used for liquid foundation. For a smooth finish, apply the product on the centre of you face and make gentle upward strokes. This will apply the foundation evenly and seamlessly.

Courtesy-The Odyssey Online

  • Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush is best known for making the makeup look airbrushed. It minimizes the pores and creates a soft look. The perfect way to use it is by buffing the product in your skin. You can also apply your bronzer by drawing 3 along your temple, cheekbone and jawline. Buff out the excess for best results.

  • Blending Fluffy Brush

The fluffy blending brush works wonders when it comes blending harsh lines. Whirl you brush in a circular motion to soften the crease of your eyes. It also works great for applying highlighter on a specific area for a dramatic look.

  • The Angled Blush Brush and Powder brush

These two brushes look quite similar, the have one difference that tells them apart. The angled brush is used specifically for applying blush on the apples of the cheeks and blending the excess to your hairline. However, the powder brush diffuses powder evenly on your entire face without smudging your foundation.

Makeup brushes are of two types; one have natural while others have synthetic bristles. The vegan organic makeup brushes however are the best as they are cruelty free.


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