You’re in a constant battle between your mouth and mind. But, in the end it all comes down to what is in your mind than what is in your mouth. What you eat is a contribution of many surprising factors; from the size, shape and colour of your plate to the music you listen to. According to a professor in Oxford the surroundings play a role in our eating habits and this concept is termed as “Gastrophysics”.

Colour of your plate

The colour of your plate can push you in the wrong direction. A study suggested that a dessert on a white plate was rated 10 times sweeter as compared to the dessert served on a black plate. If the colour of your plate can change your perception of sugariness in a dessert, it can help to reduce the amount of sugar in homemade desserts or how much you eat it.

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Play the right music

What you listen to can make an effect to your taste buds. Now we know why most restaurants have sonic music played in the background. The music sort of changes the flavour through the sound. A bakery might play chummy music to keep their customers indulged in their dessert. At home slow music is recommended, as fast music with upbeat tempos might encourage you to eat more.


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