Websites designed to sell products and services are word-content driven. Your Web designer cannot possibly understand how to construct the architecture of your website if he does not know its content.The author of your Internet content is of crucial significance. 

Consider the following:

O Can your Web designer help you determine your distinctive value proposition?

O Can he develop your product gains list?

O Will he understand how a page will be developed with attractive words to keep the visitor interested and going on other pages on your website?

O Will he understand what pop-ups will be necessary?

O Will he understand what sidebars will be necessary?

O Will he understand the ideal design for lead generation?

Without an internet copywriter working with your Web designer, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

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Frequently, I meet with customers who have spent a lot of money on their websites, which have basically been loaded up with print-style materials. Although print materials are fantastic aids to your internet copywriter, they simply can’t be successful when thrown onto Web site pages.

1 reason is that print copy (booklet, magazine, etc.) is designed for much more leisurely reads. When people come to a Web site they’re on a mission. The speed is fast. Web visitors need to scan and find just what they are searching for quickly or they’ll be off to another website.

A fantastic online copywriter can save you a great deal of money.

O She will block you from making mistakes that will cost you in lost sales.

O She will make sure that each and every page is helpful and targeted toward your selling and standing building objectives.

O She will make sure that each and every page ends with action items for your visitor.

O She will make certain your pages are not over-designed. An over-designed page may seem great, but it may also not be possible to read and distract from your sales message.

Examine the major Websites: Google, Yahoo, Amazon. They’re all clean-looking without a fancy-schmancy layout component. That is not to say a design is not important. It is. However, the words are more significant. Bear in mind, search engines do not “search” for layout or even images.

O She will make certain your Web site copy consists of keyword phrases that will attract customers to your website. She’ll also guarantee that the copy remains natural and appealing.

Text with keywords artificially contained will purify the mind of the reader and may even get you penalized by the search engines, leading to lower rankings.


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