We are inclined to take native creatures for granted but a number have a character of their own. Take birds for example. They can be fascinating when we take the time to see them going about their everyday routine of bathing or just hanging around.

The most obvious thing one notices about birds would be that the “pecking order” and this is most noticeable once you have a couple of different species feeding on the exact same tree or feeding tray. If you have any query regarding Bird protection (which is also known as ” ป้องกันนกไล่นก” in the Thai language) see them all on the web.

Lorikeets always appear to predominate in a nectar producing tree and they’ll chase off other birds their division just because they could. Years ago we used to feed a colony of Double Barred Finches in our yard and one day alone Zebra turned up and took over the tray, with the Dual Bars instinctively deferring to him.

Cats have always been thought of as the number one enemy of birds but they do not always have the upper hand. We used to have a cat called “Sidney”, who had been marginally smarter than the average pussy.

We had a heap of dirt in the yard and it was there long enough to get a pair of small Pardalotes to float into it to create their nest.

Sidney had clearly noticed them moving in and out and there he was one day, standing up as tall as he could with his face pressed up against the ground and with his arm hitting the nest hole as far as he could, but not far enough to catch himself a bird.


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