Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching many people are beginning to decide on what to do for their partner. In this article, we will some tips that will help you plan a romantic getaway that is sure to impress your loved one.

Things to Consider When Planning a Getaway

Know your partner

romantic getawayThe most important thing to consider before booking or deciding on any sort of getaway is what your partner likes. If your partner does not like the heat, you will want to avoid beach trips. If your partner is not one to sit around a lot, you will want to make sure you book a vacation that has a lot of activities. 

The key thing with this is to be sure you put actual thought into the trip and plan something that you will both enjoy. This way it will truly be a gift for your partner, and something that they will look back on fondly.


This will be the hardest part of planning a trip and will involve the most decisions, including:

Length of Time – How long will your trip be? This answer to the question will be based on a lot of things, like how long your partner can take off of work, and how much you can afford. 

Appropriate Timing – You must know whether it is a good time for your partner to miss work, or if they have other obligations coming up. 

Appropriate Paperwork – If you are planning your trip out of the country, you will have to be sure that your partner's passport is up to date. If it is not, you may have to let the surprise out early in order to give them time to renew it.

To Gift or Not to Gift

As far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, a trip is pretty costly. However, you may also be wondering if you should be giving a token gift as well.  If you do not want to give a gift on top of the trip, you could plan a romantic date to celebrate the day, which could go from a picnic in the woods to a candlelit dinner. 

If you still want to give a gift, be sure that your partner will not feel like guilty for all of the money you have spent.  One way to do that is to give a romantic yet usable gift, such as a new outfit for a date, or a spa treatment at your romantic getaway.


Trips are a great option for Valentine’s Day if it is in your price range. However, be sure to give your partner enough time to get prepared (8 days at least) so that they do not feel rushed and stressed. This way you will be sure to get the most out of your trip


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