Donut wall at the buffet counter: A donut studded wall is something unusual and cannot be found in a conventional wedding. Choose a pink background. Use a canvas stand to support the mini donut canvas. Add caricature or any sort of art of your choice. Experiment with different flavours of donuts.

Tempt guests with dessert tables: To attract guests’ attention, wedding sydney venues must focus on colourful and catchy dessert tables. Write catchy slogans such as ‘Hands on sweets’ or ‘sweet tooth counter’. Table should be decorated properly. Use flowers, little decor items, violet tablecloth. Ensure guests have a variety to choose from, such as sugar coated strawberries, cinnamon rolls and many more.

Innovative wedding cakes: Bring out the best innovation in wedding cakes. Introduce something symbolic of wedding, like match it with the wedding theme. Drip wedding cakes can easily catch everyone’s attention. Wedding reception venues in Brooklyn should have association with professional bakers to provide them with best and innovative wedding cakes. Cakes with some sort of craft are also available.

Hanging floral installations: This is the trend of 2018. It had started gaining popularity in 2017. Floral installations add natural essence to the ambience. Use lily, marigold for tables. Install mini vertical gardens inside the decor of the venue.

Colored candles: Candles are to keep your wedding classic. There is no better way to add vintage romance than to add coloured candles. Keep some section of the venue dim to make and use plenty of coloured candles in their place.

Use tropical leaves: Banana leaves and are part of contemporary cultures in many places in the world. Use banana leaves and palm fronds that pop up everywhere at places.

Vine arbors: As they say first impression is the last impression. To greet guests with a beautiful entrance is the motto. Use chic fabric and attractive vines in the entrance added with roses. Vine arch graffiti is another cool idea.


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