Some homes sell themselves or at least they seem to. They have beautiful landscaping, they are in a breathtaking location and the house itself is gorgeous, with the magnificent decor, bedrooms, and bathrooms aplenty.

Luxury houses are a niche market that does not depend on the up and down whims of the economy. The market is always there for a mansion or a home. The rich people live and play there and they can afford what they want. The luxury real estate agent knows how to sell to that kind of specialized buyer.

There are several agents who deal with the Crested Butte real estate market. Experience is a major asset for a luxury real estate agent who wants to impress his or her buyers and sellers.

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Experience means that the agent knows the game and is really a good player. That's important when dealing with the kind of clients that can afford to buy a high-end property. They are very successful people, very smart and they know about business.

The same can be said about the sellers of the property. The agent handling the negotiations between the two will have to be as tactful as they are business-savvy. The high-end client can afford to be picky. They have a lot of options and they won't need to be in a hurry.

A luxury real estate agent has to get to the heart of what the client really wants so that they can meet every objection and encourage every dream. Still, the agent has to be able to deal with personalities and difficult customers, those who know what they want and are not willing to compromise.


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