You see, I am a versatile and experienced wedding DJ and have music with the right groove for a wedding break. My wide, as well as deep music spectrum leaves me a lot of room for the evening. The most important thing for me: The music must be danceable, regardless of style. If you want to know more about me and my relationship to music, then go to About DJ Olivia Speaks.

If you need music and light equipment for your location, I bring this for the wedding event. During a personal conversation, I will gladly explain the details of the complete package. After the definite booking, you give me the contacts of the location and I organize everything. You do not have to worry about it anymore.

Engagements of a DJ at a wedding

Atmospheric music just belongs to an unforgettable wedding party. How many times have I experienced weddings with DJs who did not feel the audience and caused musical lows? Sure, in retrospect, the many emotional moments of a wedding remain. But bombing sound in the evening is important and ignites the wedding rocket into space. If in retrospect, the wedding day was just as beautiful as you always wanted it to be, and then rely on it. The DJ was an important element. How so? Because he/she has a huge responsibility for the wedding party. He should bring the guests, who have been in their legs all day and have grown tired of good wine, dinner, and dessert, to dance, ideally until the morning hours. In addition, up to 3 generations are on the dance floor at the same time. Not so easy to find the same denominator or at least to provide enough variety, so that all later go to bed happily. A DJ needs a lot of empathy, flexibility and an in-depth understanding of music. Music wishes of the guests are to be taken seriously. If he is good, not so many come.)

Your choice of DJ should be well considered. You do not want to leave the mood to chance, right?

How expensive is a Wedding DJ?

That depends on many things like on quality (as with so much), Quantity (duration), equipment, and time (weekday, weekend, holiday). There are DJs laying for $250 for a whole evening. These are not professionals. The central question: What is the music and mood on the wedding evening worth to you? A good DJ from California costs between $1'200 and 2'000 for one evening. That depends on the above 4 factors. My price range is also within this range.

When to book a wedding DJ?

The sooner the better! A lead time of one year as usual. You need the wedding location first, then the DJ. The quality is both popular and rare.

Wedding DJ, what to consider? What is important?

Experience, empathy, flexibility, music repertoire, presence, timeliness in the sound, reliability (you will notice this from the first request), references, responding to music requests. Get a picture of his/her website and his sound. Ideally, you will get to know him personally. It's best to experience him live at an event. Listen to your gut feeling, it will give you the answer. So it was with your partner, right? You can visit this blog to know more about Dj and Olivia Speaks.


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