Kitesurfing Boards a very important element of kitesurfing. There is too much focus on the kite when, in many situations, the type of board used will make a big difference is not the kind of kites or size. 

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest-growing sports are expected to see a new type of kite surfboards with new materials, shapes, etc. to be brought into the sport in the years to come. 

Kiteboards are made of different materials depending on the type and purpose they are used for. There are different types of kitesurfing boards: 

Directional board: Initially, kitesurfers use this type of board, they basically surfing board and then modified the surfing board. Currently, there are several types of directional boards are designed to be used for kitesurfing in waves or in light wind conditions. 

These boards can be found with foot straps or strapless. They are favorites to wave kitesurfing.

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Twin tip boards: These boards have their origin in other sports, wakeboarding. They have foot straps fitted to allow various jumps and tricks.

Twin tip boards are the easiest to learn and are by far the most popular. There are several different types in a twin tip board depending on the discipline, freestyle, freeride, beginners, low wind, etc.

Kitesurfing board hybrid: This is a special type of board that combines the characteristics of directional and twin tip board. They are commonly used to ride on the choppy waters or strong waves are not very small. 

A different type of board Kitesurfing can be found in a variety of sizes to meet different needs or conditions.


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