For companies of all sizes, migrate to the cloud is an important decision that requires evaluation of IT systems in place and planning, in order to optimize the impact on the business process and user adoption.

Office 365 is the fastest-growing Microsoft products as reported by the end of 2011, and it is estimated that more and more companies will adopt Microsoft cloud in 2012. What are the tips and tricks behind migration that companies need to take into account in advance? 

In this article, we will refer to the migration-related decisions, we have identified as important. Start by evaluating your company’s IT environment and compatibility with Office 365. 

Make sure that your computer is upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft (or, for Mac users, Apple’s latest version), so you do not experience a delay and make the best of cloud advantage. 

If your company wants to migrate from Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite into the Microsoft cloud, it will most likely need to upgrade the entire infrastructure. And if you want more information about migration or office 365 you can visit this website

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We should explore third-party tools for Office and Windows Migration that will help your organization assess readiness for migration, reduce risk, and leverage the benefits of migration.

Migrate to Office 365 cloud may be problematic depending on the enterprise platform that you have in place. Therefore, we suggest taking small steps in the migration process, test the application in early, and strategic move other critical business applications. 


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