It's no secret that education is the key to a successful feature. Parents obviously know this which is why choosing the right school with excellent grades is very important.

The first impression of the school and the education of a child can and will shape your child's view on whether or not they enjoy learning. If you're looking for early childhood education school, you can check out this source: Bluebird Early Learning Centre – Premium Child Care in Morayfield.

It is strange to think that your children, who are learning and show you their achievements every day, afraid to learn, or rather fail at school.

First impressions really last a lifetime. If in early childhood, your child has had an undue pressure applied to their learning, or tasted the bitterness of failure – or was told that they had failed – it left a lasting impression on their young minds.

So what can we do to ensure that our children have a positive experience in the education system?

Consider the type of education you enroll your child into. Some parents do not always realize that there are options when it comes to education. And to clarify, I do not speak of private vs. state.

In certain regions of Europe (notably Switzerland), children do not start school until the age of seven. This is two years later than most education systems. The reason behind this is that children learn through play, this gives them an additional two years to "play".

Children, who start their education later, on average, exceed those that started was five when tested at the beginning of secondary school.

Research has shown that it really hurts children (especially boys) to hold a pen or pencil with the "right way" when aged under seven.


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