These times the building business has seen increasing demands in cladding, also referred to as siding. This is a procedure that involves coating the outside walls of structure with different substances that serve different aesthetic in addition to functional purposes.

The numerous materials which may be utilized in cladding include timber, vinyl (vinyl), alloy, or fake bricks and stones. It is also possible to start looking for cladding in fundamental shore through several other sources that are online.

The use of external wood cladding system (which is also known as ‘ระบบหุ้มไม้ภายนอก’ in the Thai language)can involve using redwood, cedarwood shingles, or plywood sheets, whereas the use of metal cladding is able to take advantage of stainless steel or aluminum.

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Cladding is generally installed for:

  1. Developing a controlled environment in the building
  2. Supplying a higher level of privacy to the people
  3. Supplying thermal insulation into the construction
  4. Preventing the spread of flame in the event of a crisis
  5. Supplying several openings for accessibility, daylight in Addition to venting

The primary benefits that are offered via the process involved with cladding buildings are recorded as follows:

Reduced Maintenance

In comparison with painting, the most obvious advantage provided by cladding is that the minimum requirement of upkeep. What outside cladding mostly requires concerning upkeep is not anything more than a normal wash to keep the newness of their walls.

Additionally, it provides protection to the building’s surface from outside components, while requiring minimum maintenance.

Vinyl (OVC) cladding is quite simple to install and replace and also the upkeep it requires involves just electricity wash every 2 decades or so.


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