Austria has become elitist. With a rich palaces and gilded, striking public buildings, green and manicured gardens, the public areas and the Kaffeehaus, Vienna definitely steeped in culture, style, and hubris.

Largest city in Austria, the capital of which is conjured by churches, palaces, and natural beauty. The Donauturm Tower, St. Stephen's Cathedral, which Schnoburnn , Naschmarkt . Come on, dip into some of Mozart, relax your soul and  get your budget aware backpacker to explore beautiful Vienna.

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 Belvedere Palace ,Hofburg Imperial Palace,  and the Museum Quarter with incredible views of Vienna actually trigger happy photographers chosen destination in Vienna is absolutely divine!

Vienna has a very high quality of life, a stable political environment, and the economy growing and reached # 4spot on International Quality of Life Survey and the # 1 spot on the European Union list of major cities.

Three things which has pushed Vienna to such dizzying heights of fame associated with the layout, culture and its lifestyle. For starters, the layout is very comfortable and friendly Vienna tourists. With the old town as District 1; Ring Road encircling and Road Gurtel make for District 2-9, it is very easy to find your way around Vienna.

The second most important aspect is culture. Vienna loves its coffee culture. And finally, obsession with death and burial in Vienna interesting to say the least. This site is Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery), music and lyrics combined mourning is Schrammelmusik, and Sterbevereine (funeral insurance societies) organize funerals for the dead with life savings of people who have died. So a visit to Bestattungsmuseum, science museums corpse is a must.


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